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Farewell and Goodnight
あなたが居なくて さびしい
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2nd-Feb-2035 10:25 am - .SEMI-LOCKED

About - Read please.Collapse )

Feel free to add me if we have
something in common.


17th-Aug-2010 12:54 pm - Picspam of myself.

Since I don't have nothing better to do during my lunch time.


and my fridge is emptyCollapse )


19th-Jul-2010 05:27 pm - Vegetating
Kimie must study Japanese now but she's too lazy.

17th-Jul-2010 02:02 pm - This is just spam.

Winter vacations, huh.
I don't have anything to do now. And I'm addicted to Star Wars... Again.
I even did a notebook cover with this theme. But I didn't know how to draw the body of the stormtrooper costume, so I only did the head LOL

Stormtroopers are kind of coolCollapse )

7th-Jul-2010 02:42 am - speechless.

Someone is listen to G-Dragon a little too much.
Oh dear, that little dances /facepalm

I used to like SuG. Not so much anymore D:
25th-May-2010 09:31 pm - nihon kun, rs
SketchCollapse )

I found this in the middle of my mess of papers in my room.  My version of Kiku (Nihon) from Hetalia. Doesn't look like him though.
( Oh yeah, that stupid "panda thing" hanging on bamboo on the right side is me.... )

Today the day went by very slowly. I hate tuesdays.

26th-Mar-2010 07:41 pm - Mayatan.

こんな星の夜 ボクは歌いキミが踊る ただそれだけCollapse ) 

It's not so bad, huh? I mean, It could be worse! 8'D
This was supposed to be a gift for my LM.C-lover friend ~
Ah, in case you didn't notice, the background phrases are Ghost Heart lyrics too...
[Umm, I forgot of who is the texture that I used ;-;'] 

27th-Jan-2010 02:48 pm - HEEEY people.

Yeah, I'm still alive :)
Umm, I'm too lazy right now, so I'll reply the comments I received later.
And I need to see what people wrote in their jornals when I was out of my town. Later too, of course.

Umm, hungry and sleepy  ´-` ~

10th-Jan-2010 07:52 pm - I was reading Music Japan + and...
I was reading Music Japan + and...



I really like you, Manabu, but this 。。。


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